Tuesday, September 08, 2009


"TIPS: Real-World Ideas from a Working Magician
by Eric Henning
50 pages, Comb bound.
$25 postpaid in the continental U.S. & Canada only
Foreign orders
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Performing magic is not just about tricks, or even about marketing - sometimes, it's the little things that make all the difference! The things the magic books leave out:

  • The best shoes in the world for strolling magicians

  • How to put together a wireless P.A. system for under $100

  • How to routine a restaurant act for maximum impact

  • The two things that most performers forget to rehearse

  • An amazing giveaway item that costs only 3 cents - complete with a killer routine

  • "Eric Henning has done something unbelievable. He has
    condensed years and years of performing experience into a little over 50 pages of text. It is an "easy read" because he is a good writer. I felt as if he was sitting in my living room and we were talking to each other after sessioning."
    - Paul Green
    "In The Trenches" columnist, The Magic Menu